TH100 Microphone
Detailed introduction
Industry automatic induction hand patent technology, automatic mute microphone left hand still 3 seconds, 5 minutes automatic energy-saving to enter standby mode, completely cut off the power supply and automatic shutdown after 15 minutes, is a new concept of intelligent, automated wireless microphone.
- new audio circuit architecture, high exquisite, low strength, especially on the details of sound with perfect performance.Super dynamic tracking ability to make sound pickup/far into the distance and freely;
- a new concept of digital pilot frequency technology, completely solve the KTV rooms each string frequency phenomenon;
- configuration has the noise suppression function circuit, debugging easier;
- automatic search no interference channel function, installation more convenient;
- free to limit output maximum volume, to adapt to the broader;
- UHF frequency band, phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesis;
- 100 * 2 channel, and channel spacing of 250 KHZ;
- superheterodyne secondary frequency conversion design, have extremely high sensitivity receiver;
- rf part adopts multilevel high-performance medium filter, excellent anti-jamming ability;
- especially the mute circuit design, completely eliminate the impact of the microphone opening and closing noise;
- have adjustable adjustable transmission power and noise threshold, the receiver is equipped with external noise control knob, can be set up according to the need to be flexible and effective radius of operation;
- an automatic for infrared frequency function, can make the microphone to work fast synchronization and receiver channel;
Frequency range: 740-790 MHZ
Tunable channel number: 100 x 2
Oscillation mode: phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesis
Frequency stability: plus or minus 10 PPM
Reception mode: secondary superheterodyne frequency conversion
Receiving sensitivity: - 95 - - 95 DBM
Frequently ring tone: 40-18000 hz
Harmonic distortion: 0.5% or less
Signal to noise ratio: 110 db or higher
Audio output: the equilibrium output and mixed output
Transmission power: 3-30 mw
FM: frequency modulation (FM)
The battery specifications: two number 5
Power specifications: 100-240 - v 50 to 60 hz 12 VDC (switch power adapter) or 220 vac / 50 to 60 hz 12 VDC (linear power supply)
The power consumption: 10 w or less
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