HA-802 Timing device
Detailed introduction
* HA802 temporal power switch, the work is controlled by microcomputer, realizing independent sequence switch output power and the machine control work.
* HA802 in total output power after connect can also use "to" key, instant on and off any output of a power supply for a separate processing equipment fault.

* HA802 provide independent switch work lamp socket, the front panel has a voltmeter.

product feature

channel                                                    8
power                                                       220V/10A,2200W/channel
Isolation switch time                                 1 sec
online                                                       Allow
Lamp voltage                                           AC/12V
control                                                     Sequency on/off——lock switch,Lamp on switch,Bypass-button
Online line                                               2-core,microphone cable
Indicator light                                           Power/Channel on/Bypass
The output socket                                   U.S.A standard three wire AC Connector 
The control model online plug                 TS
The power supply                                    220V/50Hz-60Hz,standard 3-wireO,Grounded wire is needed
size                                                          483mmX43mmX300mm
The weight of the                                     3.2Kg

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