At-200 decoder
Detailed introduction

The At-200 is a 7.2.4 professional-grade panoramic sound 3D ultra-high-definition video and Audio Decoder, which is designed by THX certified engineers in the United States, dolby Atmos, DTS: X, HDMI 2.0 audio and video certification, it is a multi-functional, cost-effective audio and video decoder designed for the world's top cinema, Villa, high-definition cinema, 3D audio and high-fidelity cinema market. It can synchronize with the world's most advanced Dolby Atmos, DTS immersive audio and Video Decoder. HD video center with cinema system, Music Center, karaoke professional, Dolby Atmos (Dolby Atmos) and DTS: X (Immersive Sound) support, 4K video support, it is compatible with 3D, HDR10, Dolby Vision and other video formats. It has perfect audio and video matrix marshalling function. HDMI 2.0 has six in and two out. Each input group is marshalled independently. The mode, volume and karaoke can be marshalled and adjusted independently Smart room acoustic characteristics scan, while U disk, TF card local playback, ARC audio back, Bluetooth lossless transmission, support for a variety of lossless and high-compression audio formats; Mobile phone APP control, RS232 intelligent central control; professional level 7.1.4 channel immersion karaoke effect industry first, while supporting external effect device

Performance parameters, model:

 AT-200 gain: ≥13 db (analog cut-through) 

snr: ≥98 db (a-weighted, analog cut-through) 

audio frequency separation: > 80 db (a-weighted, analog cut-through) 

frequency response: 10 HZ-50 khz (+ 1/-3 db, analog cut-through) 

max no-distortion input level: ≥2 vrms (analog cut-through) 

distortion: ≤0.02% (a-weighted, analog cut-through, 1 khz normal operating conditions) 

rating input impedance: > 20 K ω (analog source input) 

rating output impedance: 1 K ω (analog source input) 

rating output impedance: ~ 100-240 V (50 Hz-60 Hz)

net weight: 5.3 kg gross weight: 7.2 kg machine size: 431 × 130 × 317 mm (width × height × depth)

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