Detailed introduction
T2 horn a full load, a compact amazingly detailed three full frequency sound box, it is 15 "drive as the low-frequency, 8" intermediate frequency and 1 "high frequency, TH - audio frequency load technology, provide clear, detailed analysis and powerful voice.
T2 is unique and relatively small, highly efficient, and excellent, enabling it to be used in situations where sound quality, volume, and volume are required.

Model T2
LF driver 1×15"
MF driver 1×8"
HF driver Ф44mm
Frequency response(Hz) 40Hz-900Hz LF 500Hz-18kHz M/HF 
Rms power (W) 500W LF 250W M/HF 
Peak power (W) 1000W LF 500W M/HF 
Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 91dB LF  95dB M/HF 
Maximum SPL (dB) 121dB LF  122dB M/HF 
Coverage angle 50°x25°
Structure Birch plywood
Finish Black water-base textured paint
Connector SPEAKON*2 pin1=LFpin2=M/HF
Net weight(Kg) 48kg
Gross weight(Kg)
Full size(L*H*D)mm 525×915×447

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