Detailed introduction
TH-210D linear array of low sound, specially designed for the combination of qsc-10b line array sound, with the use of th-210 line sound, the lower lower limit can be extended to 30Hz.
The th-210d USES an 18-inch woofer to combine with the perfect acoustic structure of the box to produce a thick low-frequency thrust.
The th-210d system also USES the th-210 hanging device to make the installation of the product more simple and convenient, and the joint place is more reasonable and more scientific.
Whether fixed installation or flow performance, hoisting and its convenience.
The four-point lifting combination makes it more convenient to use the th-210.

Model TH-210
LF driver 1×18"SUB
Frequency response(Hz) 30Hz-1000Hz
Rms power (W) 1200W
Peak power (W) 2400W
Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 90dB
Maximum SPL (dB) 125dB
Structure Birch plywood
Finish Black water-base textured paint
Connector SPEAKON*2 
Net weight(Kg) 76Kg
Gross weight(Kg)
Full size(L*H*D)mm 800×590×756

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