Detailed introduction
TP-112 is a two-frequency medium range speaker, which has the characteristics of high power efficiency.A 12-inch high-efficiency bass unit and a 44mm high-pitched unit are equipped with a constant directional horn.
Bass unit in integrating magnetic circuit with finite element analysis software, and can completely do symmetry requirement of the magnetic circuit, reduce distortion caused magnetic circuit part, voice coil part for aviation KAPTON high temperature resistant material, can make the heat resistance of 220 degrees of voice coil, effectively improve the actual unit power, under the high unit adopts high density magnetic materials, magnetic circuit after the finite element analysis software to design, also join the short-circuit loop response of steel and copper, can minimize distortion caused by secondary harmonic three times, with high-strength hardening titanium diaphragm, can make the high efficiency higher, more penetrating, the speaker is designed for intermediate style,
The overall analytical force is stronger, which can meet the needs of various medium range expansion.
TP - 112 speakers with low loss of power divider is designed, the built-in points many times professional acoustic audio core application software analysis of dismantling and restructuring will sound frequency response, impedance, phase, power allocation for the optimization of processing, at the same time, choose high precision resistor capacitor of low loss and low internal resistance of the inductors, make music distortion and loss of control to a minimum.

Model TP-112
LF driver 1×12"2Way
HF driver Ф44mm
Frequency response(Hz) 68Hz-20kHz
Rms power (W) 400W
Peak power (W) 800W
Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 87dB
Maximum SPL (dB) 120dB
Coverage angle 90°x50°
Crossover point  (Hz) 1.8kHz
Structure Birch plywood
Finish Obsidian finish
Connector SPEAKON*2
Net weight(Kg) 17Kg
Full size(L*H*D)mm 332×571×306

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