Detailed introduction
The th-212 is a two-12-inch, 3-point, 6-unit, high-power stage performance speaker, with TH-212Dbass speaker, which is not only high in sound quality, but also easy to install.TH - 212 line array loudspeaker has a true natural performance, its characteristic is small volume, light weight, the projection distance, high sensitivity, strong penetrating power, sound pressure level is high, clear voice, strong reliability, regional voice uniform cover, etc.The durable exterior USES a high-density birch splint as the structural material of the box body, while the surface of the box adopts the high durability polyurea paint.The anti-aging strength of such speakers is very strong, can withstand the sun and rain for a long time, and the installation in the household is able to prevent the bad environment such as humidity.TH - 212 double 12 "three points frequency linear sound box is designed for high-powered professional theaters, sports venues, outdoor performance etc and linear array loudspeakers with elaborate design, enclosure configuration at the same time the two 12 inch low frequency driver, 8 inch tenor of 2 and 1.4 inches high, loud horn and alto coupling of the special way of super power of the high performance of the long-range line array speakers.

Model TH-212
LF driver 2×12"
MF driver 2×8"
HF driver 2×1.4"
Frequency response(Hz) 55 - 2k Hz LF/400 - 20k Hz M/HF
Impedance(ohms) 8ΩLF/8ΩM/HF
Rms power (W) 900W LF /400W M/HF
Peak power (W) 1800W LF /800W M/HF
Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 95dB LF/100dB M/HF
Maximum SPL (dB) 126dB LF/128dB M/HF
Coverage angle 120°×10°
Structure Birch plywood
Finish Black water-base textured paint
System type crossover inside M/HF内置分频
Connector SPEAKON*2 pin1=LF pin2=M/HF 
Net weight(Kg) 50Kg
Full size(L*H*D)mm 1017×331×550

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