XTM Digital Processor
Detailed introduction
XTM3/5 is a KTV professional effect, is the domestic first using ADI SHARC series high performance DSP device, the effect of 21375 da/AD sampling rate for 48 KHZ, with excellent reverb regulator, music adjust equilibrium have 7 section parameters, balanced and microphone to adjust 15 parameters, better let the human voice.
XTM3/5 adjust available panel knob or button, you can also use the matching software Audio Effect Controler online debugging.Simple and easy to use interface, intuitive graphical equilibrium curve, make audio adjustment can quick start.
New standard
XTM3/5 professional effect, definition:
01. With the volume of the basic, filter, pressure limit, delay, and reverberation of the echo sound regulation
02. More than 48 KHZ/s or audio sampling rate, data transmission, a deep 24 bits or above
03. Da/AD signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 100 db (48 KHZ/s (SR) or above
04. Analog input and output interval less than 4.0 ms
05. Low output noise, can automatically adjust the noise of the door
6. Have flexible adjustable audio control platform

7. The preciseness of low ripple power supply system

Function description:
Sound effects:
01. The receiver has excellent parameter reverberator, let vocals acted vigorous, full of vast space
02. Music has 7 parameter equilibrium
03. Balanced microphone have 15 section parameters, pressure limit, level of feedback inhibition
04. The main output has 5 parameter equilibrium, scaling, delay
05. Subwoofer has 3 period of parametric equilibrium, let the scene of the sound performance is more strong feeling
01. Three groups of mixed input microphone interface
02. With an analog level switch the noise of the door
03. Have excellent feedback suppression circuit, to prevent the noise
01. Two groups of dual channel switch manually input the lotus audio interface
To adjust:
01. Used panel or knobs
02. Use the USB to Rs232 connection online debugging
03. Debug software Audio Effect Controler

Hardware features:
01. The ADI - SHARC DSP 21375
02. With 108 db higher SNR ADC and DAC
03. Dac sampling rate for 48 KHZ
04. Ultra audio output noise, and boot off track mute design
05. 6 channel audio output, 2 channel music input, 3 channel receiver input
6. Support RS232 interface debugging
Analog audio components: 
The output amplifier unit: TI 5532 dd
Microphone amplifier unit: JRC 2068 dd
Microphone amplifier unit: TI 5532 dd

Audio features:
01. Using 48 KHZ/s audio sampling rate
02, high signal-to-noise ratio and low input and output noise
03. Startup and shutdown mute control
4. Good microphone audio reverb 

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