DSP Digital Processor
Detailed introduction
★ 96k24BIT sampling rate

★ Input 15 segments of PEQ, output 10 segments of PEQ adjustable, with high and low rack and all-pass filter, input and output both with 48-order high and low pass frequency divider, the adjusted parameters can be saved and copied to other channels independently, so that the audio system can be adjusted in all directions

★ Sound reinforcement system debugging advanced DSP algorithm: 1. All-pass filter ALLpass, which can adjust the frequency division point phase coupling of speakers or speakers to solve the acoustic phase interference problem of speakers; 2. Finite impulse response filter FIR is different from the traditional IIR filter. FIR filter is more stable and can realize the function of phase correction without affecting the phase of EQ and frequency division. The phase curve parameters of the speaker can be set through third-party software. After being imported into the processor, the sound phase of the speaker system can be optimized in all directions to obtain a more accurate and clear sound restoration effect; The input is configured with 256-1024 order FIR filters, and the output is configured with 256-512 order FIR filters. At the same time, 11 window function filter applications with different characteristics are provided. 3. Dynamic EQ dynamic equalization can carry out 0-12dB enhancement or attenuation operation for a certain frequency of audio to reach a certain threshold, which can make up for the defects of the speaker system (middle and high frequency harsh or low frequency insufficient, etc.), and can also realize the automatic equalization function of the public address system, which can play a consistent effect at any time.

★ USB drive-free automatic connection software, RS232 central control and TCPIP LAN remote control

★ Mconsole unified management, can connect control equipment through USB/RS232/TCP IP multiple interfaces, TCPIP control port can also realize LAN remote, multiple equipment control, multiple equipment synchronization parameters, joint debugging parameters and other powerful functions

★ Support archiving and locking, avoid misoperation or artificial disturbance of processor parameters, maintain system stability, and also keep the parameters of speaker debugging confidential; The archive supports the setting of boot file, which can be set to automatically save all parameters for instant debugging, and can also set the unique boot status parameters to meet different system maintenance requirements.

★ Support Android APP TCON wireless control

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