Detailed introduction
T - 15 + is designed for entertainment and indoor high demand performance of binary frequency passive speakers, the sound design, makes every effort to make sound real reduction, flat frequency response sound natural, rather than by the late a lot of electronic equipment to fix the flaws of the speakers, 15 + provides outstanding performance than T -, and able to work in the big dynamically stable, high-fidelity sound sound and perfect artistic effect.T - 15 + contains a high resolution by Italian B&C Audio custom 75 core coloration, and a highly efficient low frequency units, precision of high and low frequency division design, characteristics of the timbre is very personality, with a high frequency fresh and exquisite, low-frequency vigorous strong, sound frequency band width, and analysis the characteristics of strong, especially in the bass thick not cloudy, powerful throat mellow feeling full of magnetic, vocal tenor and cheerful faces.With loud pressure, the singer seems to be on a large stage, passionate, and god-conscious, making it a disconcerting sound effect.
T-15+ in addition to provide the perfect sound artistic effect, the design of the appearance highlights the noble and elegant;
Rhyme ooze unique receiver processing technology application, make sound reduction of microphone sound clear, broad frequency band, appear very 15 match with T - 218 + + T - use, full power shock and rich elasticity, pressure is great, mighty passion, more show the bass charm of music playback, can meet the large-scale sing hi KTV club or large bar CULL used etc.

Model T-15+
LF driver 1×15"2Way
HF driver Ф51mm
Frequency response(Hz) 42Hz-20kHz
Rms power (W) 500W
Peak power (W) 1000W
Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 95dB
Maximum SPL (dB) 125dB
Coverage angle 50°-100°x55°
Crossover point  (Hz) 1.8kHz
Structure Birch plywood
Finish Black water-base textured paint
Connector SPEAKON*2
Net weight(Kg) 27Kg
Full size(L*H*D)mm 467×691×444

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