Detailed introduction

T - 218 + is a plane in-line design subwoofer speakers, low frequency is flexible, strong dynamic range is bigger, make this series of products to play a more perfect, design the ideal frequency response rhyme ooze engineers collocation on the series of all frequency 12 "or 15" in indoor use, they cooperate to achieve a very smooth frequency advantage, cohesion is very accurate.
T-218+ adopts the rectangular box with 18 cm layer of adhesive structure, and the surface polyester black pearl spot paint is waterproof, sun protection, wear resistance and protection and modification.
High-power speaker design can meet the sound field uniformity and acoustic pressure level, also suggested that the user chooses 8 o / 1300 w power amplifier match to use, to make efforts in T - 218 + more, play the best effect.

Model T-218+
LF driver 2×18"SUB
Frequency response(Hz) 30Hz-500Hz
Rms power (W) 1200W
Peak power (W) 2400W
Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 94dB
Maximum SPL (dB) 125dB
Structure Birch plywood
Finish Black water-base textured paint
Connector SPEAKON*2
Net weight(Kg) 87Kg
Full size(L*H*D)mm 1067×561×780

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