Detailed introduction

Pay attention to the fineness and restoration ability of the sound. The sound performance is natural, the frequency band is smooth, and the high frequency smoothness and low frequency softness are very good. It is suitable for places with high sound pressure and high sound quality requirements.

Technical Specifications

Model ES112

LF driver 1×12"2Way

HF driver 1×Ф44mm

Frequency response(Hz) 48Hz-18kHz

Impedance(ohms) 8Ω

Rms power (W) 400W

Peak power (W) 800W

Sensitivity(SPL 1W@1M) 93dB

Maximum SPL (dB) 124dB

Coverage angle 90°x50°

Crossover point  (Hz) 1.7kHz

SConnector SPEAKON*2

Net weight(Kg) 20Kg

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